Poker Online Variants That You Didn’t Know

Did poker means Texas Hold’em to you only? Well, you probably don’t know that there are several variants of poker online. However, Texas Hold’em is the popular variant of the game which most player know since decades. It is so popular that in World Series of poker, Texas Hold’em is included. Moreover, some popular movies like rounders have shown it.  But this doesn’t mean that you can avoid rest of the variants of poker.

So, here are everything explained to you. We don’t want you to stay away from the advantages of all those variants.

Variants of the poker online:

Texas Hold’em

Let us start with the common one that is Texas Hold’em. Here the players deal with either pocket or hole cards. In addition to this, they also deal with five community cards. Players bet in four rounds. In first round, the player has to flop whereas they have to turn in second round. And last round is the river.


This is however a type of Texas Hold’em. However, only up to 10 players can play Omaha at a time. Similar to Hold’em there are also four betting round. But there is a difference that every player has to play with four hole cards. Moreover, they have five community cards and they have to make best cards from that.

7-card stud

Here are seven cards for dealing in the game. Four are up cards whereas three are down cards. Again the players have to make best hands from the card they have.

5-card draw

However, there are five cards in the five card draw as per the name. but instead of playing with all the cards the player initially play with three of them.

Hi/low Chicago

You can either play for high or low in this game. In high Chicago, winner is the one with highest cards and vice versa in the lowest Chicago.

So, these were variants of poker online. Thus, play the game with the best Situs poker online.

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