Styles of Jewelry Wholesale Distributors Specialize In

Wholesale distributors specializing in jewelry or wholesale fashion accessories sell many different styles. If you do not know how to choose jewelry, hopefully this article will shed some light for you. In this article you will learn about the background on certain jewelry. Knowing the background will give you more appreciation for the style you want to wear and give you more confidence to showcase your personality.

Ancient Looking Jewelry

Ancient looking jewelry is one that is rising since many designers are inspired by archeology finds. The ancient past is definitely back in style and is a growing trend. wholesale ring There are jewelry that shows a lot of gold, pearls, and other precious stones. Maggie Gyllenhaal wore a beautiful bracelet that looked like one that was seen in Pompeii. She wore a corsage looking bracelet during The Dark Knight premiere.

Engagement Rings

Yes, there are now engagement rings to fit any budget. While some girls want the classical diamond, there are now many new trendy styles of engagement rings that can fit a young man’s budget. The engagement rings still share the message of love and can fit a young maiden’s personality. There are solitaire rings that you can get for fewer carats. There are also those that are filled with a lot of smaller diamonds which is cheaper than buying a huge chunk of rock. Eternity rings are also growing hot off the market.

Jewelry for Lip Piercing

Wholesale fashion accessories will be incomplete without jewelry for “unconventional” piercing like those found in the lip. Wholesale distributors also have customers who are on the lookout for great stylish jewelry. As a word of advice, when looking for this specific kind of jewelry, make sure that you take note of the metal that is used. Most of them which are recommended are made out of stainless steel. You may also find the following types of piercing:

1. Lip ring. This is one that goes in at the bottom lip. It can be put in the center or off to the side.

2. Labret. It is usually one piercing. It is found at the bottom of the lower lip and comes out at the top of the chin. There are other metals that you can choose for this. It can come in titanium or gold. Steel is also available. It is flexible in the sense that at the top of the chin you can choose to have it topped with spikes or shapes for example.

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